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Welcome Fur Friends!

Dr. Eric and Cathy Pugh established Hometown Veterinary Services in 1997, bringing their passion for animal care to the community. With a deep commitment to the well-being of pets and their owners, our mission is to provide exceptional veterinary care and foster lasting relationships, ensuring the health and happiness of every furry family member entrusted to our care.

Now Offering Walk-In Appointments in the Month of July!

We will be offering walk-in appointments for our clients every Tuesday evening in the month of July from 3 PM to 6 PM. Due to the nature of walk-in appointments, you may experience a short wait. We hope that by providing this service, we can accommodate our clients who are in need of a later appointment in the day as well as provide flexibility. Walk-in services include wellness exams, vaccines, and professional services such as toenail trims and ear cleanings. We will also examine and treat sick patients, however, please note we may refer you to an emergency clinic depending on the severity of your pet's symptoms since we do not have over-night staff.

featured services Some Of Our Featured Services

Wellness Exams & Life Stage Care

Our comprehensive wellness exams ensure your pet's health and happiness at every stage of life.


Our skilled veterinarians perform surgeries with utmost care and precision to keep your pet healthy and safe.


We offer essential vaccinations to protect your pet against common diseases and ensure their long-term well-being.


Keep your pet secure with our microchipping service, providing a reliable way to locate them if they ever get lost.

Digital X-Ray & Consultation

Cutting-edge digital X-ray technology aids in diagnosing and treating your pet's medical conditions.


Our comprehensive lab tests help us monitor your pet's health and detect any underlying issues.


Utilizing ultrasound technology, we can visualize internal organs and ensure the best care for your pet.

Parasitology Testing

Regular parasitology testing ensures your pet remains free from harmful parasites.

Dental Care

We prioritize your pet's oral health with our dental care services, ensuring a bright smile and overall well-being.

Laser Therapy

Our state-of-the-art laser therapy aids in pain management and accelerates healing for your beloved pet.

Meet our Team

At Hometown Veterinary Services, you will find a team of professionals actively engaged in ensuring exceptional Veterinary Medicine. Our team of Veterinarians and medical staff are committed to the best medical practices - working to ensure that every client who enters our building is diagnosed and treated in the most appropriate and best possible manner.

Eric D. Pugh, DVM
Founder & Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
James S. Dittoe, DVM
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Erica McCauley
Veterinary Technician Head Team Lead
Traci Young
Veterinary Technician Team Lead
Sarah Furlow
Veterinary Technician Team Lead
Abigail Furlow
Veterinary Technician & Rvt Student
Debbi Schlernitzauer, RVT 10
Registered Veterinary Technician
Katie Wilkens
Veterinary Technician
Austin Pugh
Veterinary Technician
Abby Orellana
Veterinary Technician
Piper Ascarrunz
Veterinary Technician
Alexis Zito
Veterinary Technician
Jake Riegler
Veterinary Technician
Chase Hoffa, RVT
Registered Veterinary Technician
Nickalena Phillips, RVT
Registered Veterinary Technician
Michael Johnson
Veterinary Technician
Nicole Cook
Veterinary Technician
Krista Diekmann
Veterinary Technician
Aimee Moore
Communication Team Lead
Annette Lehmiller
Communication Team Specialist
Gari Burd
Communication Team Specialist
Amber Rea
Communication Team Specialist
Michelle Smith
Communication Team Specialist
Paige Middleton
Communication Team Specialist
Ashley Keister
Communication Team Specialist
Hannah Whitted
Communication Team Specialist
Heather Morgan
Sanitary Specialists
Margie Hill
Sanitary Specialists
Keith Hill
Sanitary Specialists


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"My puppy Leia absolutely loved her puppy bag she was given after our appointment. Vet tech and Veterinarian were extremely helpful in getting down the the cause of her issues. Front receptionists were also extremely welcoming and helpful. I loved the follow up after our appointment. I was referred here by family and will gladly be back:)"

"We recently got a puppy and started taking him to Hometown at the referral of a family member. Joey is seeing Dr. Estock. He is kind and compassionate to our puppy who seems to love him as well. I love that I can text them to schedule appointments or order prescription refills. Everyone that works there is so kind and professional as well."

"They got our dogs in when we couldn't get them seen at our regular Vet. Their staff was friendly, explained things well, and were very helpful. They calmed our dogs and made sure they were comfortable."

"Absolutely the best Veterinarian office. The staff is very friendly and compassionate. The Veterinarian made several follow up calls to check on our pup. Highly recommend."

"My babies have always received the best care at this office ! Dr Estock and the entire staff are wonderful ! Thank you for continuing to provide the best care for my babies as well and my friends and family’s."

"We moved to the area not too long ago and have taken 3 out of our 4 puppies here (will take our 4th when he needs to go next) and really appreciate these humans!! They have always made us feel welcome and are very kind to our pups! All of our pups are learning that the vet is a good place to go && we appreciate that. Today, one of our pups was extremely swollen on his face from some sort of bug bite. I texted them photos and the awesome people here got him in within an hour and did not charge us any emergency fee! Thank you for doing what you’re doing. Our pups are our family so we appreciate your obvious love & quality care!!! Bring your family members here!!!"

"Took a loveable female tortishell stray in to get fixed. We decided to add her to our pet clan. Mercury is doing great, she got the best care, you are all so amazing & sweet! She is healing fine & acting as if nothing happened! Thanks a million!"